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TS 7300

The TS-7300 is a compact Single Board Computer based upon the Cirrus EP9302 ARM9 CPU and set of on-board peripherals. The board is equipped with an SD-card which contains the OS.

Inputs and Outputs
The board is equipped with a Cyclone II FPGA with predefined configuration providing the following IO (not all inputs and outputs can be used at the same time)

Digital Inputs
2 x Quadrature Encoder Input. The Encoder Input can have no reset and a reset on positive or negative index pulse.
2 x Edge Counter Input. The Edge Counter Input can have no reset and a reset on positive or negative edge.
8 x Digital Input. Binary input.

Digital Outputs
2 X Pulse Width Modulation Output. Pulse Width Modulation output e.g. used to drive a motor via a H-Bridge.
8 x Digital Output. Binary output.
2 x LED. Two LED's are present on the board.


To run the TS-7300 board with 20-sim 4C, you need the following hardware and software:

A PC with an ethernet connection running Windows XP or higher.
20-sim 4.0 Professional or higher.
20-sim 4C 1.1 or higher.
A TS-7300 SD-Card.


You can extend the TS-7300 board with the following hardware:

TS-9700 analog data acquisition board.
TS-ADC16 analog data acquisition board. .

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