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The MATrix-II (Multiple Application Tricks) is a low cost universal platform for testing and verifying HDL designs based on the Xilinx and Altera PLDs. The purpose of it is to teach the basic concepts of VLSI designing with various electronic circuits.

MATrix-II has been revised for higher frequency applications and expansion capabilities. With this users will get more freedom for prototyping of designs.

It has been also extended to some basic electronic circuits for application development and their realization. With this protoboard user can develop his PLD designs with complete applications. Also it gives a complete set of modules for project development for final year students.

MATrix-II supports multiple vendor devices from Xilinx and Altera, who are world leader in PLD manufacturing. The MATrix-II supports Spartan-3, Spartan-2 and XC9500 series of devices from Xilinx; and ACEX 1K and MAX7000s series of devices from Altera. MATrix-II comes along with various adaptors, which are optional to user. Every adaptor is pluggable with baseboard with the help of connectors.

Features and Specifications

Individual Module Specifications

Xilinx Modules

XC9572 PC84-15C containing 72 macrocells with 1,600 usable gates.

50,000 gate density Spartan-II FPGA XC2S50 PQ208-5C.

Altera Modules

MAX7128S PC84-15C CPLD containing 128 macrocells with 2,500 usable gates.

50,000 gate density ACEX1K FPGA EP1K50TC144-3.

Pluggable Micro Controller Card

Atmel AT89S8252 ISP microcontroller. On board In System Programming (ISP) circuit. 8KB ISP Flash & 2KB of EEPROM. Coupled with FPGA for embedded application development. All 32 I/O lines accessible to FPGA. On board reset circuit Timer and interrupt ports.

Relay Card

2 Optically isolated relays. NC , NO, COMMn block header. Relay ON indication.

ADC/DAC Add-On Module

I/Os o 8 channel ADC 0809 (8-bit) with 100us conversion time. Single channel DAC0800 of 8-bit resolution. Facility for onboard gain adjustment.

Dot Matrix Rolling Display Module

Four 5x7 dot matrix LED display Total 140 LEDs on the board

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Module

16 x 2 characters LCD display Display contrast control

Keyboard Adaptor
4x4 membrane keypad


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