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MICRODUL Semiconductors

About Microdul

Microdul develops and produce customized microelectronic components, since 1970. As an engineering based company, it provide system solutions in microelectronic form.

Microdul have a long lasting experience in ASIC-design and customized packaging. It provides Micro-electronic solutions for your system requirements. Microdul is your partner for customized microelectronics.

Microdul and ni2designs

Microdul has appointed ni2designs as their channel partner for Indian region. ni2designs would provide an easy path to access fabrication and design services of Microdul.

ni2designs would help its customers to boost their design cycles with package of CATENA LAYTOOLS and MD300/MD500 arrays, which would be fastest package to design your own Mix-Signal ICs.

At the same point of time, ni2designs would also provide support to Microdul customers for its MD family of arrays.

Being as channel partners ni2designs will also promote design services offered by Microdul in the field of Mix-signal design, power electronics, RF circuits, and low power designs.

Electronic Modules

Microdul develop intelligent and efficient solutions for your applications. We are expert in building compact, customized modules. Our simulation and design tools allow us to solve even the most demanding problems. Thanks to our diverse equipment we are able to chose the optimal technologies for your modules and offer you a cost efficient solution. We normally procure all the needed components and materials for your product. Before delivery, all circuits are tested according to your specifications. This enables us to offer you a zero defect guarantee for the delivered products.

Services offered by Microdul

Fabrications & Production facilities.
Purchase and logistics of materials and components.
100% testing of all products according to your specifications.
Zero defect guarantee for the delivered products.
Lifetime and quality tests.

ASIC Technologies

We are experienced specialists in the design of mixed signal circuits on a semicustom-basis. If your application involves the acquisition, conditioning and processing of various analog signals we work together with you to find an efficient, intelligent solution. From your product idea, through the development of a circuit concept and the chip design to the delivery of fully tested and quality-guaranteed production quantities we deliver you a successful product. Contrary to what has become standard in the development of purely digital circuits using standard cells, the development of analog circuits requires the special know-how of experts. We have that team. Thanks to our semicustom design philosophy, we are cost-effective and fast during the development phase.

MD Family - CMOS Semicustom Arrays for Mixed Signal Circuits:

A semicustom circuit consists of many prefabricated active switching elements usually arranged in regular arrays on a base chip. To create a desired functionality, the interconnection between these elements is customized, typically using one or two additional metallization levels. For example mixed signal (analog/digital) circuits are notoriously difficult to realize with the common semicustom families (CMOS gate arrays for digital and bipolar arrays for analog circuits). Microdul's semicustom arrays have been designed with exactly this market segment in mind. They are manufactured using mature SACMOS technologies. Besides conventional gate array structures they also feature many elements necessary for analog circuit design: different resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors with special geometries. These arrays allow the development of circuits with digital as well as complex analog functions. As you can see from our examples our semicustom arrays can be optimized for many diffe rent applications.

Wafer service
If you would like to do your own design using our arrays, you can go for our MPW services. You will receive 40 samples packed in a ceramic package typically within 6 weeks of tape-out date.

The Arrays

The MD300 semicustom array is manufactured in a 1µm n-well silicon gate SACMOS process. It contains about 1200 logic gates, 32 EPROM cells, 800 optimized analogue transistors, resistors and capacitors within an area of 1.7mm². All 16 connecting pads have input/output capability and ESD protection components. A particular application can be configured using 3 masks, two metal and one via mask.

The MD300 is specially suited for ultra low power consumption applications. Typical examples for low power circuits can be Quartz watch, RTC, sensors, etc.

Multiproject wafers are started regularly in order to allow cost effective prototyping.

For more information on MD300 array click here.

The MD500 semicustom array is based on a 0.9µm n-well silicon gate SACMOS process. There are around 5500 logic gates, 2300 transistors optimised for analogue circuitry, 64 EPROM cells as well as resistors and capacitors avaible on a 4.4mm² chip area. All of the 32 connecting pads have input/output capability and ESD protection components. A particular application can be implemented using two metal masks and two via masks.

The MD500 is specially suited for ultra low power consumption applications. Typical examples for low power circuits can be Quartz watch, RTC, sensors, etc.

Multiproject wafers are started regularly in order to allow cost effective prototyping

For more information on MD500 array click here.


Die and Wire-bonding belong to our key technologies. We glue or solder dies onto the substrates. They are then wire-bonded protected with a glob-top. We manufacture chip on board as well as chip on chip and chip on ceramic. All common materials and wire thicknesses are used in wire bonding. Our capabilities include Al-wedge-wedge bonds, Au-ball bonds as well as Pt-wedge-wedge bonds for high temperature applications. Our core competences are:

Testing & Verification Facilities at Microdul

Every module manufactured by MICRODUL is measured and tested according to customer specifications. Our test department is very experienced in measuring and testing customized electronic circuits. Our modular equipment allows us to measure new circuits fast and accurately. We can accurately measure from 0 to 2 GHz, from 1pA up to several 100 A and from <1µV to 2kV. All measurements are properly documented and test results can be supplied to the customer. Our strengths include:

High accuracy and fast measurements due to flexible modular equipment:
1pA up to >100A
<1µV up to 2kV
0 HZ up to 2GHz

Experienced test team

100% documentation according to customer requirements and ISO 9001 / ISO 13485


Microdul AG
Grubenstr. 9 P.O. Box CH - 8045 Zürich

Tel: +41 44 455 35 12
Fax: +41 44 455 35 95

201/202, C-2, Saudamani Commercial Complex,
Bhusari Colony, Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune - 411 038
Maharashtra, India 
Contact no.: +91 20 2528 6947 / 8