Designers today face unprecedented challenges in prototyping different applications based on VLSI, Embedded Systems, DSP or Analog Design; dealing with multi-million gate designs.

Most engineers understand the benefits of prototyping, but don't have a good grasp of its importance and how it can be used to develop a better product effectively in a short amount of time.

We deliver new generation platforms with integrated design technologies and methodologies that help you address all aspects of multi-domain System Prototyping.

ni2 brings you various platforms aimed at bridging the gap among embedded design tools and processes, engineering methods, processes & tools, to achieve the system prototyping of actual software and hardware systems.

Our products provides the greatest degree of prototyping flexibility to help you in design & develop wide range of applications; resulting in high asset utilization at the lowest cost.

Embedded Technology

  • USDP
  • A complete design platform for VLSI & Embedded application development.

VLSI Technology

  • MATrix-II
  • The MATrix-II ( Multiple Application Tricks) is a low cost universal platform for developing Xilinx and Altera PLD based design, along with various application.

  • Universal VLSI Protoboard
  • A universal platform capable of integrating Xilinx/Altera FPGA's and CPLD's.

Analog (FPAA) Design Technology

  • ANALOGIC Protoboard
  • ni2designs introduces ANALOGIC programmable analog prototyping board to accelerate analog design cycles and keep system designers competitive.

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