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VLSI trainer protoboards or kits are extensively used in prototyping of FPGA based product designs, training and for experimental purposes.

All of them posses features towards programming of FPGAs and just few user input-output facilities. Very few protoboards offer a complete solution for integration of various user modules with ease. With the advancement in the system requirements and specifications, designers are finding difficulty in development of FPGA based designs.

As the FPGA designs accounts the integration of dense memories, analog interface, DSP microprocessors and microcontrollers, many vendors are unable to provide a platform where a designer can integrate all kinds of modules with the FPGA.

With increase in use and demand of FPGAs in the communication, telecom, power electronics, motion control and educational institutes the protoboards are in huge demand, thus ni logic took initiative to provide an excellent prototyping platform for these organizations.

Our R&D arm ni2 designs have come out with the complete solution towards the problems of trainer kits in DSP, VLSI and Microprocessors. ni2 designs have designed prototyping protoboards with the concept of backplane interface of various modules, giving a complete solution for the platform integration of VLSI, DSP, microprocessors and power electronics.

With this product ni logic is aiming to give the industry a product that can be used in various applications, thus solving the problems of designers for high speed designs and platform integration. With this unique idea product, ni logic will stand ahead in market segment of PLD products.

Features of USDP

Backplane Feaures

PLD Daughter cards Available



Different PLD daughter add-on cards are available for different devices from vendors like Xilinx, Altera, etc. users can prototype upto 1 million (10,00,000) gate count designs.

Features of PLD Daughter cards

List of Application Add-on modules

Here is the list of add-on modules that are supported by "Universal System Development Platform". All cards are made on edge connector of 120 pins. These cards are used in designing the complete system with a FPGA as a integral part of it. These add-on cards helps user to run different application on the same platform, thus giving a complete flexibility to develop complex and large system on the one platform.

Micro-controller Card

PIC Micro-controller Card

Memory Add-On Card

ADC/DAC Add-On card

Power Electronics Module

General Purpose Add-On Card (Free of charge)

Other Accessories Provided

Advantages of Universal System Development Platform over other protoboards

Applications of USDP

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