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CEM One is a consolidated software package, from ESI Group having rich experience in simulation field from past three decades, combining best in Computational Electromagnetics, namely PAM-CEM Simulation Suite and Efield Solutions into one package as CEM One.

CEM One Simulation Suite operates mainly from medium to high frequency range. When targeting a wide frequency spectrum as usually managed with EMC/EMI issues, time-domain techniques are applied to investigate electromagnetic phenomena appearing along those complex cables networks connecting onboard electronics.

Efield Solutions is primarily frequency-domain oriented with focus on antennas and scattering, making the overall solution fully consistent. Efield offers a complete and unique integrated modelling and simulation environment for 3D analysis of a wide range of electromagnetic applications such as antenna design, antenna integration, microwave design, EMI/EMCinteraction scattering & radar cross-section.

Visual-CEM is a dedicated environment for computational electromagnetics within a shared platform, which allows for the automation and standardization of numerical processes while resulting in reduction of time and resources spent on a project.


The consolidated solution emphasizes a coupling and hybridization strategy, extending much beyond previous limits with larger models, higher operating frequencies, and more sophisticated scenarios, taking electromagnetic modeling one step further. CEM One targets the following industries and applications.:

Antenna Analysis
Analysis of wide range of antennas

Antenna Placement
Analysis of antenna for all kinds of platform

Cavity Analysis
Cavity scattering analysis of large open-ended cavities such as air intakes and exhausts

Thunder Lightning
Indirect effects of thunder lightning for shielding purposes

Cable Coupling
Radiation and irradiation of cables in complex environments can be modelled.

Special Materials
Metamaterials, anisotropic materials (e.g. carbon fibre), etc.

Radar Cross-Section
Scattering by large metallic/dielectric/composite structures

EMC Analysis
Testing configurations, cable coupling, etc.

Microwave Design
Typical applications includes design of filters, connectors and couplers.

Complex shapes, multi-layer, electrically large

On-chip Embedded Passives
Very large structures of on-chip embedded passives

Address antenna placement, cable coupling, EMC, etc.

Aircraft, satellites, antenna placement, scattering, etc.

Antenna placement, mast configurations, RADHAZ, etc.

Virtual Anechoic Chamber
Get EMC performances for Automotive, Railways, Ground Transportation Applications

Customer Successes
Read specific applications

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