At ni2 our services go hand in hand with our products. Whether we're defining a new innovation to enhance any product or participating in an industry standard we're focused on delivering leading services that will help our customers differentiate their products in the marketplace.

Design Services

We provide high quality design solutions and services that are tailored to suit the needs of the clients. We provide expert services for thorough testing, verification and debugging of systems from simulation level to physical hardware level at our labs.

-- FPGA Prototyping                   -- IC Designing

-- System on Chip Design           -- IP Core Designing

Defense Industries

ni2 designs has extensive experience in the design of defense electronics. We are familiar with obsolescence management and the design of defense products using Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) components. We are able to use our experience in the development of cost competitive commercial products to assist defense equipment manufacturers in the design of defense electronics, so allowing them to make significant cost savings.

Backed with experience of several challenging projects for leading defense organizations, ni2designs offers its customers a one-stop shop for development, porting, maintenance, testing, customization, optimization and integration activities.

ni2designs offers a complete bouquet of product engineering capabilities in various domains. These include:

-- Radiation Instrumentation                       -- Microwave subsystem developments

-- Explosion and damage analysis              -- Microprocessor-Controlled Systems

-- High seed data acquisition systems         -- Signal processing for applications

-- PCB design services                                -- Technical Publications

-- Testing                                                     -- Engineering Design

-- Systems Design realizations using Embedded & FPGA technology

ni2 designs clients include leading defense organizations and industries. Please contact us for getting details on project done so far.


We develop application specific, intelligent and sophisticated solutions and products.

FPGA based:

Our technical team has expertiseon latest FPGA devices and tools from Xilinx, Altera, Lattice and Actel, giving a complete flexibility to choose the optimum device for the product development. We are capable to take projects with latest technology devices and deliver the complete solution with performance and on schedules

IC Designing based:

At the start of a typical project we assist customers in translating their system requirements into a suitable IC architecture with agreed target specifications. After that we take care of the design and layout of the integrated circuit

In association with Catena Microelectronics and Control Lab, Netherlands we provide turnkey solutions in diverse domains like Wireless Communications, Embedded Systems, Automotive Electronics, Industrial Automation & Control, Medical Electronics and Avionics We work closelywith your project team providing customized solutions in the respective fields. Projects can be executed completely at our labs or in synergy with your team as an offsite design.

IP Core based:

In today's nano-technology era, two things hold the key to success – "Speed" and "Time to Market". In collaboration with Catena Microelectronics we develop our own IP Cores for non-standard functions. These IP blocks can be embraced to customer specifications in order to shorten development time for the customer.

Technical Support

ni2 has experienced and dedicated applications engineering personnel to assist all our clients.
Our technical team is specialized in Design tools & technologies for:

-- IC Design & verification                      -- ASIC

-- FPGA / PLD                                         -- PCB Systems

-- Analog Designs                                   -- Embedded Systems

-- System Prototyping                             -- System Modeling

-- Mechatronics                                      -- SPICE Simulation

-- Mixed Mode Simulation                    -- Power Systems Analysis

-- Microwave Simulation

-- Waveguide Structures and Antenna Design

-- Electro Magnetic Analysis / Finite Element Analysis

Technology Consulting Services

We bring enlightment into the businesses of our customers. We first understand the business need of the client, and then work with them to design and deliver efficient solutions with reliability, scalability and upgradeability.

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