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Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping technologies have improved tremendously over the past years and are used increasingly for machine tools and series production.

netfabb GmbH are provider of Additive Manufacturing software solutions. With products like netfabb Studio, netfabb Structure, netfabb Engines and netfabb Cloud netfabb covers everything you need for Additive Manufacturing.

Netfabb Professional

netfabb Professional / netfabb Enterprise is an advanced software for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. netfabb Professional/Enterprise improves your productivity in quote creation, checking and repairing of build data, as well as job optimization. Quality control with netfabb Professional prevents machine errors and enhances your overall process reliability and efficiency. netfabb Professional 6 and netfabb Enterprise 6 provide the same functionality and only differ with regards to the amount of systems you can install and use the software on. netfabb Enterprise 6 comes with a hardware dongle and can be used on multiple systems and also as a floating license on a server (1 user can work with the software at the same time per license).
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Netfabb Structure

The netfabb Selective Space Structures (3S) software turns solids to refined structures in seconds, making use of the full potential of Additive Manufacturing. The software is developed to handle the huge amounts of data resulting from modeling complex structures. 3S works with unit cells and logically addresses unit cells from a library onto specific areas of the parts. For large structures the task of re-creating a 3D model of the structure can elegantly be eliminated and instead the structure can be created directly as slices which is the format ultimately needed in additive manufacturing.
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Netfabb Engines

Netfabb Engines are user oriented machine interfaces for the generation of build files for 3D Printers and Additive Manufacturing machines. netfabb Engines combine all steps from file fixing to build setup and make the beginner look like a pro.
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Netfabb Cloud Solutions

Business solution for server-based processing, control and verification of 3D data. netfabb Cloud Solutions save time, money and increase access to your customers data. A cost-saver and a revenue builder packed in one.

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Note :ni logic is authorized distributor for India, Malaysia & Thailand region from netfabb GmbH, Germany.