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Torsion Bar

The Torsion Bar is a prototype machine that can be used to teach the basics of mechatronics and machine control. The Torsion Bar consists of two disks which are connected by a flexible beam.

The stiffness of the flexible beam is deliberately chosen very low to ensure that the anti-resonance and resonance frequencies are clearly visible (3.3 Hz and 5.1 Hz). The Torsion Bar can be operated in combination with the software packages 20-sim and 20-sim 4C.

Key Features

Communication : The Torsion Bar is equipped with an Ethernet connection (cross cable or network cable).

Automatic Code Generation : From 20-sim you can generate C-code to run on the Torsion Bar.

Command : Using 20-sim 4C you can export the generated C-code to the Torsion Bar, start running the code and stop it.

Monitoring and Logging : In 20-sim 4C you can monitor variables during running and use logging for off-line measurements.

Education : The Torsion Bar can be used as a practical setup in courses on mechatronics, machine dynamics and control.


The Torsion Bar manual contains the following experiments.

Installing & Testing : How to install the software and test if the Torsion Bar is working properly.

Measurement : The Torsion Bar is equipped with two rotary encoders to measure the rotation of the motor and the load disk. Various examples show how to use                         these encoders for measurements.

Identification : Using experiments you learn how to identify the components that contribute to the dynamic behavior of the Torsion Bar. These components can                         be combined into a simulation model of the Torsion Bar.

Control : You will learn about feedback loops and run experiments to discover the basics of P, PI and PID control.


To run the Torsion Bar you need the following hardware and software:

A PC with an ethernet connection.

Windows XP, Vista or 7.

20-sim 4.0 Professional or higher.

20-sim 4C 1.1 or higher.

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