EM Simulation

Electromagnetics Simulation techniques have evolved rapidly during the past decade to a point where extremely accurate predictions can be made for very general scattering and antenna structures. Electromagnetic (EM) simulation softwares in particular have evolved from a laboratory curiosity to valuable modeling tools during this period.

EM Simulation tools provide a complete design-simulate-analyse-optimize toolchain.

These virtual prototyping EM Simulation tools speed the design process - helping to achieve a user's goal, whether that is lowest cost, optimum performance, easier manufacturability, or the best combination.

ni2designs provides you solutions to electromagnetic problems of unprecedented sizes and complexity.

Computational Electro Magnetics(CEM) Simulation tools

    • ESI’s CEM Solutions 2014, France
    • ESI’s CEM Solutions simulation suite operates in the middle & high frequency range. Being mainly time-domain oriented, it focuses on EMC/EMI issues appearing in a wide spectrum with onboard electronics and complex cable networks. It is also able to handle frequency- domain as well, for Active Safety & RADAR devices.

    • QuickField from Tera Analysis Ltd., Denmark
    • Quickfield is a slick FEA tool for solving field problems of all kinds including dc or ac magnetics, electrostatics, current flow, heat analysis, and stress analysis problems.

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